Everything Black Everything Dead

by Black Jesus

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cavey31 mixture of old school death/thrash and brings back the spirit of the good ole days of extreme metal Favorite track: Legacy of Hate.
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cimmon just read up on them. In Bells of Acheron#3
Favorite track For Those About To Die
dave younie
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dave younie Vile, Old School Death Metal from Austrailia. Filthy, crusty riffs, tight but loose drumming and sick vocals combine to make this absolutely essential for fans of the likes of Murder Squad, Abscess, Autopsy, Deathbreath and the like. Mandatory!
Mewles Verne
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Mewles Verne Praise Jesus.

BLACK Jesus. Favorite track: Reek of Crucifiction.
Rey de la fosa
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Rey de la fosa Black Jesus has risen and they have came up with something faster, angrier, & crustier.
This album continues to destroy what is left of my eardrums after the first album. Favorite track: Reek of Crucifiction.
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released March 1, 2014

Music by Mick Farley, Adrian Naudi & Greg Eshman
Lyrics by Adrian Naudi



all rights reserved


Black Jesus Melbourne, Australia

Black Jesus = Old school death metal from Melbourne Australia.

Tell your wimp friends to listen to real metal......Scrap Metal!

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Track Name: For Those About to Die
Track Name: Everything Black Everything Dead
Scorch the earth on which you walk
Set your life’s work aflame
Cut out the tongues of braver men
Who might just speak your name

Purge the very thought of you
Kill your family and allies
And for those that see the world your way
I will put out their eyes

My reign will go on unopposed
As decreed by birthright
And the military by which I stand
Give my words crushing might

Sycophantic henchmen
Enforce wishes most malign
And extinguish any hope you had
For what is yours is mine

I, I’ll reign a thousand years
Rain misery and fire
My power / glory all-consuming
Within my blood……………..empire

Everything Dead (x4)
Everything Black (x4)
Track Name: Reek of Crucifiction

Evoke my name
Kneel in shame
Feed my flock insidious myths
To vociferous acclaim

For you I came
To keep you lame
Servitude smeared to a cross
As I proclaim….

Masochistic benediction
Forcefeed my will through interdiction
Reek of Crucifiction

Thought war waged
For those that chose the left hand path
Endure my rage

Centre stage
Pontificate self-serving lies
That assuage…

Salvation through dereliction
Of your own mind cleansing incision
Reek of Crucifiction
Enduring Lies / Endearing lies / Self serving lies
Track Name: Legacy of Hate
Malignant mindset,
Confusion and fear.
History’s lessons
Won’t ring in deaf ears.

Sheltered in darkness,
Paternal blind eyes.
Rise social cancer,
And metastasize.


Violent reprisals,
Crude sophistry.
Consenting silence….

Highly contagious,
Easily recognized.
All it requires,
An ignorant mind.



Critique the mindset,
Undermine its fear.
History’s lessons,
Must open deaf ears.

Expose the darkness,
Those who sympathise.
Detached from its host,
Like all tumors die.
Track Name: Detonation
Skating the thin ice of civility
Nursing the bigot insidiously
Perpetual mindset of emergency
Quietly stripping our humanity


Compliance in silence....rise defiant

Polity whores-out our democracy
The death of salvation religiosity
Broken veneer masking society
Exposes our nature our hypocrisy

Track Name: Righteous Indignation
Burn the house of God…..To the fucking ground
Selective, salvation
Threaten damnation
Abusive, self-serving
But give yourself unto me

Mortal bondage……Eternal slavery

Cull the flock of God….Obliterate defile
Sadistic, shepherds
Vile sophistry
Coerce compliance
But give yourself unto me

Pious words they coat your lips
But betray a sick and cancerous heart

Hindu Gods
Bhuddist Gods
Muslim God
Christian God
Dead Stillborn Dead!!!!
Track Name: Scorch the Sky
Lead and iron rain
Down from sulphuric skies
Humanity bleed dry

We the dead
Drew breath short days ago
Regret and silence
Our companions below

August, noble deaths
Were vainglorious lies
Abject death the curse
For we who scorched the sky

Flesh for flesh
Bone for bone
Shattered shells
Of glorious sons that returned home

Blood and earth
A bitter union borne
Suffer the young
Their hope and promise stillborn
Track Name: We're All Zombies Now
Blind, consume what you’re told
No point in breaking the mould
Mindless your thoughts not your own
Knee jerk impressionable drones
Onward, part greed and part fear
The outcome is now all to clear
Insatiable, humanity shed
Enter realms of the undead

We’re all zombies now
Hell has disavowed

Unfeeling, depersonalized
Outsiders are demonized
En-mass, conformist mass march
Beholden to the dollar mark
Marketed and commercialized
Collectively attitudinized
Overcome, this zeitgeist of dread
Refuse to lay down and play dead

We’re all zombies now
Kill all sacred cows……Now

We exist in the realms of the undead
We’re all zombies now (x4).
Track Name: Shackled to a Corpse
Embers of dying empire, crush humanity
Under the weight of old scores, pertinacious apathy
Echoes of promised valor born of shrapnel and barbed wire
No kiss of death is colder than this baptism of fire

Like a garrote round my neck
Like a skin I cannot shed
What’s left to me but madness
Amongst monuments to death

Devotion…….Shackled to a corpse
Sedation…….Shackled to a corpse
Conscription…….Shackled to a corpse
Track Name: Thanks for the Enemies
Replayed in my mind
10,000 times
Tearing inside
Damaged broken
Now I stand
One last time

Vengeance……..is mine

Detonator set to blow
Shredded sinew, broken bones
You will take no hostages
And I will take no prisoners
Track Name: Born in a Tomb

Cry out in vein at a life gone awry
Born into darkness no meaning no why
Whose promise of safety now starkly belies
The horror the panic we’re about to die

Anticipation……Conceived in the womb
Gave way to damnation……Born in a Tomb
No hope no salvation……Meet your doom
Aborted potential……Born in a Tomb

And so we die!!!!

Never sought answers we chose to comply
And lay scorn on those that chose to defy
The darkness that aptly concealed the lie
Our lives had become but we chose to deny

My mind is in advanced decay
My life a lie exposed and frayed
The darkness screams no other way

And so I die!!!
Track Name: A Crimson Vow