Black Jesus Saves

by Black Jesus

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released January 16, 2012

Line up on this Recording
Rhys - Drums
Louis - Bass
Adrian - Guitar / Vox

Current Line Up
Adrian - Giutar / Vox
Mick - Guitar
Ben - Bass
Greg - Drums

Recorded Oct 2009 by Louis
Artwork - Glenn Smith
Master - VK Sound
Layout - Hushy

The Coffin's Slave -
Black Jesus -

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Black Jesus Melbourne, Australia

Black Jesus = Old school death metal from Melbourne Australia.

Tell your wimp friends to listen to real metal......Scrap Metal!


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Track Name: Cycles of Fear
Enduring sense of helplessness
Keeps you in your place
Perpetual broadcast banality
Entertains a mindless human race

Disempowering narratives
Repetitively shown
Silencing dissenting views
Believe what you’re told


Fear, Deceive, Distort, Despair Believe

Despair all consuming
Never ending cycles of fear
Track Name: Black Jesus Saves
Black Jesus Saves
In whose name nothing is profane
Black Jesus Saves
Weaponise and arm the insane
Black Jesus Saves
From reason you all must refrain

On your lips not in your heart
Hypocrisy is a fine art
Why embrace reality
When you have Christianity

Safety and comfort in the herd
Need only embrace the absurd
Accept as truth every decree
From the beguiling (un)Holy See

Thou shalt not think
Thou shalt not speak
Thou shalt not act
Out against me
Track Name: The Devouring
Generalise then hypnotise
Slowly overwhelming the collective mind
Externalise, desensitise
Dissenting views quickly neutralised

Demonise…..Close our eyes

Woe under a blackened sky
For no reason you all must die
Acrid smoke and bitter rain
Cold earth embraces and welcomes the slain

Characterise marginalise
Violence and hatred the product of lies
Demoralise dehumanise
Nationalist rhetoric a perfect disguise

Panic rise…..Genocide

Abandon all hope….. ye who enter here
Track Name: Dead In Their Tracks
The myth of the hero
And deified war dead
Corrupted perspectives
Are routinely fed

Wasted lives

Selective rendition
Distorted transmission
A crass celebration
Of colonial ambition

Wasted lives (x3)
Never again
Track Name: Doctrine of Denial
Empires of dust and bone disavow reality
Manipulate the sobering truth and sheer brutality
Of a world gone mad that shed all semblance of humanity
Consequences absent from their ideology

The powerful keep an iron grip
Through their use of deceit and guile
To enamour us towards
This simplistic doctrine of denial

Why won’t we see (x2)

Tragic implications
Of myopic lifestyles
That obfuscates who we could be
Will be no excuse
In the eyes of our children
Our destiny ignominy……go

Harness your power to be
Realise your power to be
Celebrate your power to be
Enforce your power to be

Enforce your power to be
Track Name: River Bleeds Black
Seeping death
Fills her veins
Weeping bile
Most profane…….No

Ruthless attack
Sadist routine
Bleeding black

Choking poison
Scorch her eyes
Burned disfigured
Scared defiled……No

Unable to hold back
River Bleeds Black
Unable to go back
River Bleeds Black
Track Name: Age of Avarice
Consumerist creed
Fuels distorted needs
Willingly recede
Insatiable greed

Routinely obsess
What isn’t possessed
Can never confess
Unending distress

Complete repression
Slaves to suggestion
Change of direction

Possessive, regressive
Selfishness taking control
Sadistic, ritualistic
Habits have taken their toll
Track Name: Atrocity Generator
Conquered lands
Defiled and damned
Perpetual war
Oil stained hands

Illegal and murderous
Invasions waged
All in your name
Innocence caged

Willingly deceived
Watch and believe
Slaves to impression
How fucking naïve

Illegal and murderous
Invasions waged
All in your name
Genocide praised

Your torturous hubris
Where ignorance is bliss
The further we slide
A faustian abyss……slide